8 Black Postcards

by Churn Milk Joan

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These songs sprung from improvisations recorded in the Hebden Bridge studios on Saturday 13th October 2012 - Richard and Colin with original Big Block 454 guitarist Pete Scullion and Marian Sutton, live and simultaneous.
Later in 2012 - 3 overdub sessions, 5 days editing, 8 black postcards.

"The Letter - Beware: this omni-groove wants to eat through your ears & nibble your frontal lobes." - the famous Sid Smith, King Crimson biographer, blogger, and friend to the stars... www.sidsmith.net

"some epic magic going on" - Andy Wagner

""...another stunner... a taut percussive backdrop against which sparse guitar patterns interweave, Tago Mago-esque musical interludes rise and fall and something not unrelated to a funk vibe drags you into a sonic blender into which sounds are tossed before coming out of the other end entirely transformed, as indeed is the listener." - Mark Whitby, Dandelion Radio unwashedterritories.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/churn-milk-joan-8-black-postcards.html

"...take some Funk, Krautrock, Brit Humor, mix it up with a bit of Eno, Fripp, a bit of David Bowie and T-Heads ala Remain in Light....and toss it in a blender with some Cayenne Pepper....and a Valium or two or three....strap yourself into your comfy chair with your best headphones and go for a ride." - Michael Inman

"....... dark in a slightly unhinged way! Some lovely, almost-haphazard sounding, improv grooves. Great building guitars and riffage! ...Wow, loving the ultra-funk of The Letter ! Somewhere in between early Talking Heads and The Normal..." - Paul Dementio

"... a package that grooves, unsettles, exhilarates and occasionally makes you smile... five tracks of unclassifiable genre-bending, all recorded in Hebden Bridge (seemingly a hive of avant-garde activity)...Without resorting to pastiche or reverie, Churn Milk Joan are forging a peculiar path between referring to past music and creating a music for the present. There’s no evocation of bygone days or futurism….if anything, this is existential music." - Paul Dementio http://echoesanddust.com/2013/01/churn-milk-joan-8-black-postcards/

"A thick, heady mix of seedy beats and misplaced sounds, chugging along on its own warped path. Entrancing." - Lee Adcock


released January 21, 2013

Richard Knutson: bass, vocals
Colin Robinson: guitar, synth, 6-string bass, groovebox
Pete Scullion: guitar
Marian Sutton: vocals, field recordings

Production: RK/CR
Mastering: RK
Engineering: CR
Artwork: RK
A Churn Milk Joan Production, © 2012



all rights reserved


Churn Milk Joan Hebden Bridge, UK

Music created by American Richard Knutson and Englishman Colin Robinson.

"One of the most extraordinary outfits I ever heard. Intriguing, irreverent and funny as Hell"

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Track Name: Fell Through The Sky
Fell through the sky
Dropped through the Earth

lyrics by Marian Sutton 2012
Track Name: The Letter (episode 1)
my companions send their regards
one tallow
in a pretty town
I am constantly hungry


how is it his fault?

picture me
at noon I ate and lost my grip

travel the dark

I took them down
my companions gloat
people said he's likely to float

Alizon Device
Elizabeth Device
James Device
Anne Whittle
Ann Redferne
Alice Nutter
Katherine Hewitt
John Bulcock
Jane Bulcock


Lyrics by Richard Knutson, Marian Sutton & Colin Robinson 2012
Track Name: Ford Madox Brown
Ford Madox Brown incarnated by mistake
baked a cake till it became golden brown
till it became orchestra brown
electric brown
chicken brown
Alcock and Brown
Ford Madox Brown

all there is...

Ford Madox Brown
has 8 simple ways
has 8 everyday
has 8 arteries
has 8 baking trays
has 8 yogurt snacks
has 8 heart attacks
has 8 black postcards
has 8

all there is...

Ford Madox Brown
has come here by mistake
by mistake
that's all there is
I wouldn't say it's wrong

Lyrics by Richard Knutson, Marian Sutton and Colin Robinson 2012
Track Name: Boom Dipper Stick
one working isolator
one piston out of 8
one pump to fracture
one to isolate ya

would you like to go outside
in the cold looking in
would you like to be OK
just press start to begin

boom dipper stick

doomer in what's left of the wood
holy mountain you never should
remove the layers one by one
for an ounce of gold look at the sun

got a message you've been left behind
a whiff of atoms no one will find
eyeless babies forever climb
you are running outa time

one working isolator...

the land cracks
under the sun
insects hum
a dragonfly
like an alien

under foot
like charcoal

the sun is too hot
until it rains
and the rain will wash the land away

one working isolator...

Lyrics by Richard Knutson & Marian Sutton 2012