Black & Ginger

by Churn Milk Joan

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These songs were recorded in early 2012 at the Big Block 454 White Lee studios in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

"Psychedelic free funk popsters extraordinaire" - Jason Crane.

"Even better than the last album" - Mark Williamson

"Like some farmer lad at a Christmas do, neck bursting out of his collar, tie askew, this record struggles to contain all the potential it possesses... an extremely entertaining listen." - Richard Foster, Incendiary Magazine

"Best song on this album is the very melodic, haunting title track. Their best ever song, I believe. The quality is very good throughout and this album should give krautrock fans and others a lot of pleasure. Krautrock is probably the best label. Can is a good reference. In other words; the more funky, psychedelic end of the krautrock spectre scene." - Torodd Fuglesteg

"Shambolically funky and subversively humorous avant-krautfunk from the vicinity of Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire. Completely self-effacing, but musically sophisticated, seriously creative and mischievously entertaining." - Oliver Arditi

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released May 16, 2012

Richard Knutson: vocals, guitars, synths
Colin Robinson: guitars, eBow, lap steel, fretted and fretless basses, synths, string machine, wah-wah balalaika, xaphoon, shehnai, violin, groovebox
Music and Production: RK/CR
Mastering: RK
Engineering: CR
A Churn Milk Joan Production, © 2012


all rights reserved



Churn Milk Joan Hebden Bridge, UK

Music created by American Richard Knutson and Englishman Colin Robinson.

"One of the most extraordinary outfits I ever heard. Intriguing, irreverent and funny as Hell"

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Track Name: Eating ice cream in a Jowett Javelin
I was dreaming on the back seat of a Jowett Javelin
Eating ice cream on the back seat of a Jowett Javelin

I was dreaming on the back seat of a Hillman Hunter
I was dreaming on the back seat of a Vauxhall Victor

lyrics by Colin Robinson 2012
Track Name: Less Is More
he went to town
in the driving rain
that turned to snow
he told his young niece Josephine
"you just hang onto my coat"

it didn't matter he was blind from birth
he always made his way
the wind and ice
the perpetual dark
it was just another day

less is more...

warming up at the general store
she got a pickle from the pickle jar
they went to visit aunt Marianne
across the tracks it's not too far

she say "Melvin you're a damn fool
walking on a night like this!"
"well it ain't nothing I ain't done before,
the good lord is watching out for us"

in his lost carnival
from the sky right to the floor
in his lost carnival
always less is more

less is more...

he made that trip
that windy road
through winter sun and summer rain
well into his 70s
nothing much would change

but it snowed all night
and the next day too
old Melvin must've stayed at home
when the snowplow came they found him
buried in the snow

in his lost carnival

lyrics by Richard Knutson 2012
Track Name: The Possibility of Steve McQueen
helium balloons, carbon foot runes
tongue of fire, Louise admire
tripping with the Stones

red blankets a red duvet
sheets and sheets performance art
your powder vanish quickly
so delicious, so delicious and sickly

filling in the space between
his lover’s ears with gasoline
his lover’s gearbox trampoline
the possibility of Steve McQueen
takes your seeds, your madness 10
plant them deep inside a friend

red blankets a red duvet...

my darling fatal lover spice
my couch potato thinly slice
coughing fits, smoking/coughing ice
she has the tune... the merchandise
you hollow broad, you buzzy mote
you fairy-tale king, you will note

the red the red the red duvet!

(I like baking bread)

that's the possibilities of Steve McQueen

lyrics by Richard Knutson and Colin Robinson 2012
Track Name: Until Djuna Barnes
Djuna - it was more than I could bear
the misery of watching them
thinking of you
in the end
locked together like poor beasts
with knowledge they never wanted
to contemplate each other
head on

until Djuna Barnes

eye to eye
until death
will be all we see...

and in that spangled enigma
bringing the beast to heal
turn towards a face
much like my own
curious and weak
picked out in that precise fury

until death

until Djuna - do-b-do-b-do

paraphrased from Djuna Barnes
by Richard Knutson 2012
Track Name: Black & Ginger
legs and arms and feet and brain

when I saw you last
I can't tell the difference anymore
I would have like to know
coffee black and ginger root
traffic fall out of smoke
from the window where they wait
she scratches me

legs and arms and feet and brain

I made it before
I set it free
no guarantee
no fun for you and me
I could tell you all the words
if I could remember them
if I could run home in the rain

legs and arms and feet and brain

leg and arms and feet and brain

when I saw you last...

lyrics by Richard Knutson 2012
Track Name: Corn-Raised Montana
take what you need we have a bucket
no pity no greed no emotion
class above taste
it's a beautiful piece
salut printemps... what's Debussy on?

a mute expression
in our view you have a weapon
dreaming in shifts
raising the shield
flashing our guns
flashing our belts
the purest have doubt

we categorize we just take notes
wicked inside imperious view
bar-b-q sky onions for eyes
religion for sale
raising the bishop

wishbone slip suspension face rubber overdrive
forks into taste daredevil space
a board and a tape meticulous crop circle
cows are not God-corn-raised Montana
cranberry fed raising specter

take what you need
we have a bucket...

lyrics by Richard Knutson 2012

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