Without a Horse

by Churn Milk Joan

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Diane Marie Kloba You can listen again and again and still go back for more Favorite track: Success at the Flower Show.
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These songs were recorded in late 2012 and early 2013 at the Big Block 454 studios in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

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released April 6, 2013

Richard Knutson: lead & backing vocals, bass, guitar, percussion
Colin Robinson: guitars, basses, keyboards & synths, percussion, backing vocals, groovebox, Buddha machine
Music and Production: RK/CR
Mastering: RK
Engineering: CR
A Churn Milk Joan Production, © 2013



all rights reserved


Churn Milk Joan Hebden Bridge, UK

Music created by American Richard Knutson and Englishman Colin Robinson.

"One of the most extraordinary outfits I ever heard. Intriguing, irreverent and funny as Hell"

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Track Name: Honeyman
yeah the bees should do the work
a million miles from Earth
flown a million miles to taste your honey face

I have been the honeyman
with the whiskers and the tan (and the smoker in the can!)
and I drive a honey van

as the Tesco flies if you're looking in the aisles
feel the burning at your side
it's the buzz you city wide

I have been the honeyman...

fantasy freak I will give you just a week
be pretty, be careful, but never drag your feet
just get there in the thick of time
with the laser lights and the sticky crime
too much litter make you blind
there's too much garbage in your mind

I have been the honeyman...

leave a lizard or a pound
but beware the giant... he's sleeping sound
Track Name: Success at the Flower Show
got ghouls, witches, skeletons
oh yeah
crystal's off the hinges since 1981
laughing, laughing at ya baby

all because, all because
the followers they don't think you're nuts
have you guessed all the answers?
waiting on the edge
got flying suits, dark brown eyes
walk right up the mountain side

so much success at the flower show
despite the weather we all got stoned
inundated but we was clever
four times a day at the demonstration
we had a situation
we needed cash
a little infusion
we were transparent

flying marquee
their conversation evidently
incorporated the latest network
we'll reinvent you at the cashpoint
with a bandanna over your face

there's no banking on Monday...

"out demons out!"

lyrics by Richard Knutson 2013
Track Name: "Not to be confused with People's Republic of China"
wicked in your wellies
stroking off the telly
Myanmar or Cape Town
a virgin on the rebound
just got off the plane and
all the girls in Thailand
are pressing for your vanity

international relations
naked on location
carpets burns and ceilings
I'm sure you hurt their feelings
an hour from the airport
tourist information
making little movies
of your Taiwanese vacation

alive at least
at least you passed
you're favored to win!
or not to come in last...

"what'cha payin' for today?"

lyrics by Richard Knutson 2013
Track Name: The Line Thief
you will kindly allow
houses replaced by hovels
sharing your umbrella
drinking shabbily
he was looking thin
and you were paid too much

how are you finding Dostoevsky?

bent down to pick it up
probably feeling himself
oh believe me madam
the footman lifted her seat
a fantastic little head
with a bundle in his outstretched hand

are you understanding Dostoevsky?

in the breeze
her fair tresses fly
listens affirmatively
shrieks exasperation
you are a sensible girl
stay, stay a little while
she blushed perceptibly

how are you finding Dostoevsky?

re-purposed Dostoevsky by Richard Knutson 2013
Track Name: 1952
the artist model contacts in Rome
good incentive to keep it at home
son into jazz staying out late
he blows a horn, he'll cooperate

the minister for the interior
his greatest love his superior
met her once in Tatooine
a communist leader still in her teens

in 1952 - - - she's waiting for you

drove to his home
two rooms in a box
nothing of value but they still broke the locks
bicycle thieves, hard hearted men
mobile clairvoyants in a pagan opium den

in 1952 - - - she's waiting for you

filmography is doing well
Swedish romantics ringing the bell
very smart for an American
might enjoy success if it weren't for them

in 1952 - - - they're waiting for you

lyrics by Richard Knutson 2012
Track Name: The 3-legged dog takes a train
the dog got out and went down to town center
caught the train to Rammy [Ramsbottom]
the dog got out went down to the pub
where he met Charisse from Portsmouth

she said "you only got 3 legs
what to do what to do what to do?
as you can see
I've only got 2!"

the dog got out looking his best
he had an interview at News of the World
he say "the agenda of the corporations looks like the backside
of Merle Scraggins"
he didn't get the job
but Charisse
she was working undercover...

is she one of him?
is she one of them?

stuffed the bible in her mouth
because we was headed south
stuffed the ocean in a pouch
because we have way too much
it's just enough to fuck yourself
it's just enough...
it's just enough to know
America's got talent alright

let it go let it go let it go

got the monkeys and the brains
all you can eat
got The Monkees on the train [the last train]
I saved you a seat
Little Willie gotta go home now

visit the apocalypse
one of very many trips
just in time for Halloween
all the boys been drinking Jim Beam
and it's smooooth

lyrics by Richard Knutson 2013
Track Name: Fishnet Hooks
with no expectation to return boy
you've invented a few new ways to die
I need you black mother magic
to shed some light on the alien spaceman
get it right...

stepping back you may return
to the mother of your soul
one murder after another
so sad they eat you whole
with every good intention
of finding your way out

fishnet hook in the lips
in the sense that you fish
fishnet hook in the leg
at the door at the cows
and you stand at the car
and the car it's upside down
and stare at the clowns
and the clowns has a gun
and the way that you go
you will be so very cold

well I've been to the other side in my little boat
I got my fishing pole
I got my little worm
I've seen the alien
he's Pygmalion
he's a bastard’s son
he's just like everyone
he's a battery just like you and me

overcome a lisp
give his legs a twist
scream in dire pain
at the crescendo of the cantata’s refrain

and all the people jump outa the water
with an open mouth
it's the moment he's been waiting for!

with no expectations to return boy
you've invented a few new ways to die

oh yeah, we'll get by...

lyrics by Richard Knutson 2012
Track Name: Defending the Borders
the space between your eyes
that tell the little lies
and you grow
and faster
and drier
and happier
and more sane

with less to complain about
you're an adventure
you are just the thing
if not completely admired
at least we know
we know how you're wired

you've gotten further than anyone expected
without a horse
defending the borders against Valerians
with a Porsche

we thank the space
and the producers
and the aristocrats
and the people like that

we thank them all

defending the borders
ho ho ho