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These songs were recorded in three sessions in late 2011 at the Big Block 454 White Lee studios in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.
Only one of the songs was pre-prepared; all the rest arose out of live improvisation recordings.

"Dadaist krautfunk at an intersection where Faust and Cabaret Voltaire set up camp while waiting for the green man." - Skogsgospel.

"…the music demands close listening… in a way that grabs the ear and intrigues it, like a novel with an enigmatic and well written opening chapter…
The sound is like funk, in that it is largely built on an open framework of groove. It has a very coherent sound, and each of its components seems a natural part of the whole.
Both Colin Robinson and Richard Knutson have a history of obliquity, absurdity, and avant-garde experimentation. Like Dada, Churn Milk Joan’s absurdities call into question the applicability of conventional keys to the meanings of art, and by generalising from the particular, they question it everywhere.
. The grooves are deep, and the textures full of weird beauty. “One” achieves a rare synthesis (although one to be found in both its creators’ other work) of the fun, and the thought-provoking. The world needs more music like this." - oliverarditi.com/2012/02/29/churn-milk-joan-one/

More info and photos on the Churn Milk Joan facebook page: www.facebook.com/ChurnMilkJoan


released January 16, 2012

Richard Knutson: vocals, guitars, 6-string bass, keyboard synth
Colin Robinson: guitars, eBow, lap steel, fretless basses, non-keyboard synths, groovebox
Music and Production: RK/CR
Lyrics and Mastering: RK
Engineering: CR
A Churn Milk Joan Production, © 2012



all rights reserved


Churn Milk Joan Hebden Bridge, UK

Music created by American Richard Knutson and Englishman Colin Robinson.

"One of the most extraordinary outfits I ever heard. Intriguing, irreverent and funny as Hell"

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Track Name: Happier
in the idyllic time
we were safe
from any harm
on the idiot farm
will I hear the sound?
fairy wood
alfalfa king
I hear them!
in the rows they whistle
she moves my eye
to see what this was
I never was happier to be alive

glories past
transfers white
candy in hand
we are asking nice
tractors in the barns
misfits have their charms
we dreamed of love
I never was happier to be alive

in the idyllic time
we waste
never knowing how fast we lose the taste
our eyes misplace the changes that race
I still hear the strange
the silliness
strange poverty affluence buys
she looked back into his eyes
and never was happier to be alive

the glories past
the transfers white
the record spins
the sound is right
in my basement when the summer comes
how could we get anything done?
but I never was happier to be alive...
Track Name: City Man
run away to the hidden moon
twilight moody
speaky tiny words
like city man do
feather cold
20 Peking gold
fiberglass canoe
like city man do

little more rain
wearing your umbrella
shining just like you
when we see your exhibition
finest of tradition
puffer fishes blue
I will give you one or two
like city man do

run away to the hidden garden
flying fish eyes gleaming
glitter in the view
eating all your mama
we have all the drama
a mountain here for you
pleasing with a view
like city man do
Track Name: Caravaan
and I would lovely speak impulse
discharged out of mind
we were ruined there by milkhouse chatter
bally rag bally rag
the villain speaks with bitter tongues
the feeble feud
and it rains my dear
God's called away
splashing agitation
where has he gone to live?
kissing the trains
hallucinating Tess
creep up close to me
silent reconstruction of edifice in tow


I would lovely speak languages
packed in jars
here to for unknown...

I would lovely speak the words
Track Name: Talk Me Down
you talk me down...

you pound another ducky man
it's your worst performance eveh
in your absence we changed our mind
it's the essence of the chill that runs my spine

you talk me down...

(when you talk) the traveler doesn't drive
they ride in amazement
that the cars don't optimize your entertainment

you talk me down...

you sing and rant and seek escape
you hit the wall inside and fake orgasm

you talk me down...

(when you talk) in the margins where they write
you lost the weekend
you lost the fight
you lost the right to up and down
to seal your fate in falling
you were really great

you talk me down...

what the patient understands
a bag of dreams is all you want
a bag of hope jet black
inside there darker still
a meteor you riding still

you're a painting not a photograph
scrawled like your autograph
the effort is effortless...
Track Name: Porcelain Buddha
I need proof... I need elevation
I need you to come in and fix it!
that's me... I know
you'd be stupid and I'd be nervous

I need proof... I need articulation
I need to know your porcelain Buddha!
good god, in my pocket, that's why I'm here

now Fluffy never leaves the house
the witches put him in the wall!
Fluffy never goes outside
cuz the bitches got him in the hall (oh dear)

generous shelter-melting the icecaps down
too much has happened-to-be
elegant right now to die a hundred years
in passionate resolve

idol gossip, blame the head, blame the builders

drain cart
(the river silted-slow, ford the water sure, the proof of what we were)
jiggle siphon
kitchen fitter
dove tail jig
Oxford paddock
hydraulic lift function
variable speed drill
"ramming speed"
"all together now"
"relaxed fit"
tungsten carbide blade
Venus in Furs
Track Name: The Fatalist
hey, hey ho let's have a go
push back the barrier
the more the merrier
hold onto the truth-nothing but the sea
adjusted for me
I struggled from your grasp
you are passive-aggressive
oh yes, you're a book
you are almost profound
I had a look, hey ho
let's have a go
you are the myth, you are dissected
you're very good
adjusting the future is not your concern
you have potential to learn

hey ho, hey ho
let's have a go
for all it melts slow
we are in the know
hey ho

when you tumble down by inches
you'll never explain the embarrassment of riches
did you hear it?
barking in my head?
I cannot unhear all the sounds you did
I cannot come near to breaking the fanatic in you
too lucid and fantastic to be true
too all-the-freedoms to be beautiful
wishing you were here again
wishing you were all of them...

the fatalist so useful
pick up the rum
pick up the bag

all you can do
all you can do
all you can do
all you can do
is feed the dog...
that dog is hungry
he wants something to eat!
Track Name: Day Saver
the flashing starts the day by
enter rarefied downer the day
by flashing better motion
the dancer, dancing the day away

no one clapping
free and standing
paid for the green man
stops the day by stick and cross
perfection come down and downer
a day with meaning
a day to ponder...

strings that make the bears go tracking
possibly pink and daisy picking
day saver!

nuns nuns nuns
holy sisters go free!
free association camera
I could say so much more to you

the rancid vent the day by process
evil spirits butter lovely progress
face the faces in the big blue truck
the truck I drive, the truck for luck...

go fuzzy! undo day stripper!
go with the boy band while we smoke their film clip
I drugs did I and bless me
the countdown
counts... 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3-2-1
nuns nuns nuns nuns nuns nuns
free ass heathen pinups
oh I could say so much more to you!

the kitten sleeps day saver
down a pound, a pound for cream
splashes in your eyes and fury
bongos in the the sky
you trip... hard, you fall
holding a whole bag of records
you slipped... and didn't break a bottle!
and you tush like falling stones
and you tush... and the holy sisters go free
Track Name: Melissa Has A Three-Legged Dog
Melissa has a 3-legged dog, and that's not all!

everyone knows Melissa
she carries the moon into the yard
she puts blackberries in a bowl
she put Damo Suzuki on the floor

Melissa has a 3-legged dog, and she plays it
everyone knows all the words...

she holds her breath, a quiet mind
she sold the rights, no time
she committed the evocation to the sunrise

Melissa has a 3-legged dog, with a funnel head
everyone throws peanuts!

she has the most amazing vision
she can see into outer-space
she can motivate aliens
and bring them back to your place

she holds her breath, a quiet mind
she sold the rights, no time
she committed the evocation to the sunrise

a sad convention of thieves without anything to steal
not that it usually stops them
but lately they've begun to feel
that life isn't worth a tuppence
and that's just such a shame
all the best things have been stolen!
it's a dilemma for a thief...

they foiled the cameras
they foiled the police
they are not afraid of you
because they have everything

except... Melissa, has a 3-legged dog!

she carries the furniture to the patio
she delivers 3 chairs and a radio
she manages 3 bands and her daddy-o
she's relentless in the euro-zone
Turkish with a peppercorn
a strongman you would set upon
leaving messages on the answer phone

Melissa has a 3-legged dog, and that's not all

she found it very hard to sleep one night
the greenhouse wasn't humming
there were lights in the sky
and a knock at the door
and a little dog sat there strumming

Melissa has a 3-legged dog, and they started talking
"I thought you was working"
"no, that ended for me some time ago"
"well, it's really great to see you!
I would have called but I'm down a leg"
"do you mind if I come in?"
"not at all, bring your guitar"
"who's your friend with the night vision?"

"oh her, that's... "